Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good day

Today was a very good day. We went out and did some geocaching. It was great. I never thought I'd get to do that again. I'm surprised really, it's so warm and sunny this time of winter. But I'm not going to argue with it! Brennon and I just cuddled up and watched shows together when we got back. We saw Branwen off to campus. She's starting college this spring. putting everything behind her. I'm so proud of her and it's just so good to know she is alright and that I didn't lose my little sis.

Allen's been doing well and I've been trying to be a good parental figure to him. We drew played some games did he geocaching and he went to bed in prep for his first day back to school tomorrow after winter break.

It's like a dream come true. If this is a dream, I never want to wake up...

...I just wish Malkin was here... miss him... I never really got a chance to tell him just how much I cared. If you see this babe, it's fine. We're not pushing you away and we'd like you to be with us. I love you. I'm just.. scared. I don't want to lose you. Come to the house, please. You'll be safe here away from Chastin. I'm so scared he's going to come after you again.

I love you. Please be alright. I'll keep posting here in hopes you see it. I love you.


  1. I'm going to assume that you can't see the post I made...I don't even know if you'll see this comment. Ive been looking for you for days, Ai. I don't know what happened, but I do know that something's gone horribly wrong. Please...you have to believe me when I say that what you're seeing isn't real. You have to know that deep down...you know that Brennon and Branwen are gone...you made peace with that awhile ago...it just isn't possible for what you're seeing to be real...

  2. Malkin, you have to come here and see it. I've been in the house. I haven't left the house since we got here! I don't understand why you ran off. I thought Bran and Brennon were gone. But.. I don't know. Sometimes the spirits play tricks. I wish you could see them. I wish you could see it for yourself. Come back, please. Come back so I can show you, so you can see. Please.

  3. I've been to the house many times since you disappeared, Ai. I waited at the house for hours after you vanished inside. I don't know what's happened, but you and I aren't seeing the same things anymore. Shit, I don't even know if you're in the same dimensional plane as me anymore. This is all wrong, Ai...it's a trick. You know what Slendy is capable of, it makes sense that he would have the power to do this to you and we certainly know that he has the motive to do it. You know I would never leave you, Ai...please...you have to trust me. You have to try and think about this rationally. Bran and Brennon are dead. I know it's harsh, but they aren't coming back. There are no spirits playing tricks here. What you're seeing is not possible. What can I say that will make you believe me?