Sunday, January 1, 2012

I can't believe it.

We left Constance's Haven. I wanted to come back here for the New Year. Come full circle. I started my adventure here a year ago, it was only fitting that I return here to let go of the old and begin the new. If I had only known what I'd find. It's like a dream come true.

They saved the house, the house didn't burn all the way and it's been fixed up. Branwen's here. She's here, she's alive. Brennon's here too. What I had seen when I woke that had driven me into madness? Yeah they didn't bother to tell me that he was still alive. He'd gone unconscious from the pain. They saved him. He's bed ridden still and has problems but he's alive. here's here. I've been crying from joy since I've been here. Allen's here too. They found Allen. He's grown. He's safe though. Brennon took over custody of him. Oh my Gods he's alive. It's good to see him.

It's... it's so nice to have some good news for once. So nice to see everyone I love again. I never thought I'd see them it's good to see them. Bran said Todd would be joining us as well.  He's destroyed the Morrigan and is coming home to celebrate. 

This New Year's Day we definitely have something to celebrate. I wish Malkin could be here to join us. I explained it all to Brennon. He liked Malkin. He's willing and happy to have him as part of our family. But when I went outside to get him, he was gone. His car was gone. I... I'm so worried about him. He only has one arm, how can he drive. Gds I hope he's okay. Malkin come back with us! We love you, babe. You're welcome here. Everything's better now! We're home and we're safe!

I can't believe it! I love you all! Thank you for supporting me! Happy New Year! May you have the best year ever!

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